16 mois / 16 months'old


11 Mois / Eleven Months


11 Mois / Eleven Months


7 Months / 7 Mois


DOB : 15/08/04.Gala when Baby - Gala bébé en Angletterre




Gala (Jozelah Last Request) just arrived in France a few days ago. She is a an adorable puppy with a wonderful expression. At home everybody fall in love with her because of her kind and gentle temperament . She is the daughter of ShCh Jozelah Classic Moods JW and ShCh Asquanne's Gillespie JW (cf pedigree below). All my deepest thanks to my friends Linda & John to let me have Gala : I just fall in love the first minute I saw her (she was only a few weekds old puppy) and since, I couldn't help thinking of her everyday.



ShCh Jozelah Classic Moods Jw Crufts BOB


ShCh Asquannes Gillespie


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Famyr Chickadee tan Spats
Burlock Buck
Cileine Oceanid
Aktia Andora
Cleopatra Of Famyr
Lowacre Jan Sox
Famyr Moon Shadow
ShCh Quettadene Emblem
ShCh Sorbrook Kristmas knight
ShCh Quettadene Fascination
ShCh Asquanne's Genevieve
Persuader Of Brooster
ShCh Gemma Of Asquane
ShCh Quettadene Discretion
Misbourne Valdorki
Perrytree Sweet Dream
ShCh Quettadene Modesty
ShCh Quettadene Memento
ShCh Quettadene Fascination
ShCh Asquanne's Giorgio
ShCh Asquannes' Gonzales
Famyr Chickadee tan Spats
Kendrick Kandice Of Asquanne
Asquanne Guise
Kendrick Taylor Mayd

Olanza Peace Envoy to Jozelah (Best stud of the year 2003)


Cilliene Savamark Of Broomleaf
Astrawin Autograph
Astrawin Author
ShCh Astrawin Amberran
Country Rose Of Cilleine
Cilleine Optimist
China Rose Od Cilleine
Olanza Picture Star Of Datona
Academy Award To Snowgate
ShCh Ganigou Mr Happy
Spawood Sugar Baby
Olanza Princess Gem
ShCh Broomleaf Bright Memory
ShCh Kavora Night star Of Olanza
Misbourne Valdorki
Perrytree Sweet dream
Cannyon Coppelia Of Olanza
ShCh Olanza Poachers Moon
ShCh Cannyon Countessa
Marandis Mista Solo Of Annashon
Denada Black Tarquin
Gameshow Marygold Of Marandis
Annashon Magical Moment
Denada Country Playboy
Helenwood Springtime Promise